Complex is a subject association of the Leadership for Change (LFC) master’s degree program of Tampere University, in Finland. We represent students of the three tracks of the LFC program: European and Global Politics, Governance for Sustainable Change and Sustainable Business Management.

Objectives of the association:

  • To represent the LFC students at the university
  • To offer a concrete space by which LFC students can practice their leadership skills and cause a positive impact at the university
  • To impact teaching and the curriculum of the program
  • To build a multidisciplinary community that comprises all the three tracks of the LFC program
  • To give more practical aspects to the program through sustainable actions and practices
  • To organize events related to the study content of the program
  • To create an active alumni network

Our values




Open communication

We believe in constant, open and safe communication. We have three different forms by which you can communicate with us anonymously, to make denouncements, report misconducts, give feedback, compliments or critiques about the association’s work or even about the program.

Discrimination & harassment

If you were a victim or a witness or a discrimination or a harassment episode in the LFC program, during the association events or by a Board member, you can use this form to report. You can make a denouncement anonymously.


If you wish to give feedback about the association, critiques, ask questions, or give compliments to Complex, please use this form. You can send a comment anonymously.

The LFC degree

If you heart desires to give feedback about the LFC program, you have an opportunity through this form.

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